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Our focus! Routine check-ups allow us to protect your pet fro…
Just like you, every pet’s health experiences a hiccup now…
From spay and neuter services to pet dentistry and more comp…
Best groomer in town?! Why don’t you come and visit us?

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Our Mission & Vision

We strive to provide the best possible care for your pet. Learn more about us.

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Our Services

Our team is skilled to treating a variety of pet health issues. Learn more about all the services we offer.

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Our Staff

Get to know our Doctors, Nurses, Receptionists and Groomers.

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About us

Located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Pets Health Veterinary Clinic work in partnership with you to provide the best possible care for your pet. Our veterinarians and technicians are skilled at treating a variety of pet health issues, from preventive care to surgery, pet dentistry and more.


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Welcome to Pets Health Veterinary Clinic

Your pet’s are ours to care for!
All you need to do is bring them to us and rest assured that your pet will be pampered at the most exotic veterinary clinic.
Many of us find real love twice, once with our soulmate and once when we find the pet we love.
There are many vet clinics in Dubai, but finding the perfect solution between a veterinary clinic and grooming center is the ideal deal! We offer a huge variety of grooming options for all types of pets.
One of the best things about the animal specialist clinic Dubai is that you can find accessories as well as premium food for your beloved. When you have a pet you are always worried to provide it with the most suitable of all facilities.

Your pets are our first priorities and we treat them like royalty.

Veterinary clinic facilities:

Grooming Services:

  • Baths
  • Nail trimming
  • Hair cuts
  • Hair wash and Blowdry
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Disinfecting

Why Pets Health is best Vet Clinic in Dubai

Despite the numerous options available, we have one thing that sets us apart! It is our love with animals and the dedicated flare that we have for them that allows us to provide the most appropriate pet grooming services.
All you need now is to book an appointment with us and let your pet have the time of his life!
This is what makes Pets Health your go-to vet clinic in Dubai!

5 Reasons why Pets Health is State of the Art Veterinary Hospital in Dubai

· We have the best specialized equipment for all your needs, be it a small procedure or a full-fledged surgery for your pet.
· We have a fleet of specialized veterinary experts that cater to every need of your pet from routine checkups to specialized procedures and so on.
· We are operational throughout the day to ensure that you always have access to us and our services in case anything seems out of ordinary.
· Our pet emergency services ensure rapid response to any unforeseen circumstances ensuring that your pet receives timely medical care.
· We provide an organized and clean setting for all the pets with adequate boarding services to ensure that your pet and you both are at ease while at our facility.
These services ensure that all our customers get the very best of our services no matter what. In addition, we constantly review our guidelines and customer policies to ensure everything works as it should.

Always dedicated to customer Satisfaction

In addition to just ensuring that your pets get the best healthcare services, we are dedicated to the cause. We believe that your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to efficiently provide our services.
That is why we value your feedback and always work on it to improve our services. Our veterinary staff ensures that you understand whatever the health condition of your pet warrants. This is an effort to take you into confidence before any procedures on your pet are put into practice. We want you to always understand the circumstances of the medical health provided to your pet.
This is our approach to maximize customer satisfaction. We also ensure that there is adequate seating space and comfortable waiting areas for our customers while we work on their pets.