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Spay & neutering Surgery in Dubai

For a domesticated animal, it is vital to ensure that all its needs are looked after.
Now, the most apparent needs may be food and water and love. Animals, much like humans, have their own sexual urges. Ensuring that these needs are fulfilled is vital. Pets Health Clinic helps you take care of all these needs for your pet. The apparent answer is to look for pet neutering services.

There are two distinct terms that are often heard in this regard. While neuter is the broad term that is known to encompass both, it is a fact that neutering and spaying are two different things. Neutering refers to the removal of reproductive organs in male animals. On the other hand, spaying refers to the same activity when performed over a female animal.

Dog Neutering

Dogs go on heat twice every year (depending on the breed) and can give birth to about 4-8 puppies at one time. Apart from that, the added testosterone that a dog accumulates can mean that they engage in disruptive behavior.

For a male dog, this can range from humping your furniture and urinating on furniture to mark territory. For a female dog, you will notice a swollen vulva with blood discharge, excessive licking to the genital area and more frequent urination. Furthermore, both males and females will exhibit aggressive behavior and want to run away. Seeking out dog neutering services from Pets Health will solve these problems.

Neutering dogs can increase their life expectancy too. For male dog, it can increase their life expectancy by up to 14% and for females it can be about 26%.
For a male dog, the procedure of castration is followed by some stitches that will heal fully in about 2 weeks. For a female, the process involves a proper dog neutering surgery whereby the ovaries and the uterus. The she gets stitches too and may have to wear the cone.

Cat Neutering

Cats too exhibit disruptive behavior when not spayed or neutered. They can get agitated and aggressive with time while exhibiting gender-specific symptoms like heat (for females) and humping for males. Cats can give birth to anywhere from 1 kitten at a time to up to 12 kittens and this can happen about five times per year!

Similar to a dog, the neutering procedures is about removing the testicles for a male cat and spaying is removing the uterus and ovaries of your female cat. Neutering and spaying can increase the life expectancy of your cats to up to 20 years.

Moreover, ovarian cancers are the most common in female cats. Spaying can help reduce the probability of your cat contracting those cancers. Pets Health can provide cat neutering services in Dubai where you are guided in case of any such circumstances emerge.

When should I spay or neuter my pet?

For dogs, the ideal age is about 6 to 9 months old but you can go forward with the process after that too at a slightly higher risk. For cats, they can be neutered as young as 8 weeks old.

Proactively Prevent Pet Homelessness by Neutering

One of the most important reasons for neutering is to make sure that you reduce the number of homeless animals.

One, this can happen when the pet owners are unwilling to look after so many off springs and throw them out of their house. Domesticated animals do not have the ability to fend for themselves and usually starve to death.

Secondly, an unneutered pet looks for any way to get out of the house to reproduce. That is why the probability of your pet running away is also huge. Neutering eradicates that risk.
Therefore, you can get any of the spaying or neutering surgery in dubai at Pets Health Clinic.