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Pet Vaccination

For all your pet’s health needs

Pet Vaccination Services in Dubai

A pet needs all the love and care that you can offer. Their health care is a major part of their routine. Getting them vaccinated timely is necessary so that various diseases can be avoided and to help maintain their quality of life. Despite multiple places, you can get your animal vaccinated, but it is not just about vaccination. But it requires the love, care and stress free environment for your pet/
With Pets Health, you do not need to look further for best pet vaccination services. The vet care and the vaccination services provided at Pets Health are above par and one of the best in the Dubai.

A Preventive veterinary care - Pet Vaccination

If you own a pet, its health and happiness is probably your priority. You are always on the lookout to keep up with all your pet vaccinations so that the pet does not fall ill. Very much like humans, pets also have their own set of viruses, bacterias, and parasites that can have an impact on their health. Vaccines for your cats and dogs or any other pet is one way you can make sure that your pet lives a healthy life.

If you are looking for vaccination in Dubai, you can blindly trust Pets Health, because they understand and value the love you have for your pet. The vet care and vaccination services being provided at Pets Health is world class.
Vaccines, if administered at the right time can be a great preventive measure and for that, you need professional vets handling the vaccine for your pet. Vaccines help mitigate and even prevent any form of a serious medical condition that may have an impact on your pet’s health

Cat Vaccination

First of all we would need you to understand that despite myths and legends, your cat doesn’t have 9 lives!
Cats need to be vaccinated with all the required vaccines and it is advisable to have the cats vaccinated with the seasonal vaccines too. Your cat can get professional vaccination help from vets at Pets health as we offer the best pet cat vaccination in Dubai.
There are two types of cat vaccines:

Core Vaccines

  • FVRCP (6-8weeks, 10-12weeks, 14-16weeks, 1year and at 3 years)
  • Rabies Vaccine (Needs to be done annually, starts once the cat turns 1)
  • FPV Vaccine
  • FHV-1 Vaccine

Non-Core Vaccines

  •  FeLV

The core vaccines can also be administered in case the pet cat is suffering from any medical condition.

Dogs are probably one of the most loyal pets you can have, Butthere regular vaccination is quite a responsibility. With Pets Health Dubai vaccination you need not worry as we have a professional team of pet vaccination experts. There are core and non-core vaccinations of dogs. Our vets will help you understand the schedule of pet dog vaccination and make it easier for you to figure out the best possible route you need to take to ensure that your pet dog is able to enjoy the perfect life.

The Core vaccines for your dog are as follows:

  •  Rabies (1 year onwards, with boosters, administered every year)
  •  Distemper (6-16 weeks, 2 doses are given 4 weeks apart)
  •  Parvovirus (6-16 weeks)
  •  Adenovirus-Type 1 (6-16 weeks)
  •  Adenovirus-Type 2 (6-16 weeks)

Non-core vaccines

  •  Parainfluenza (6-8 weeks)
  •  Bordetella bronchiseptica (2 vaccines-anytime)
  •  Lyme disease
  •  Leptospirosis
  •  Canine influenza

Make the most of the expert pet vet vaccination services in Dubai with us and ensure a healthy and happy life for your canine.

What vaccines do indoor Pets need?

Many pet owners think that since they are keeping the pets indoors, therefore, they don’t have to worry about their vaccinations. This is totally wrong, as pet vaccination is necessary, even if it is an indoor pet. You cannot put them at risk by delaying their vaccinations. A pet needs timely vaccines through professional vets for pet vaccinations. It needs to be a part of their wellness routine so that you have a healthy and well to do pet at your home. Here are some reasons you need vaccines for your indoor pet.

  •  There are chances that your pet may venture outside without you knowing, and contract some form of the disease.But with regular vaccination, the pet will remain protected.
  •  The pet may face some form of stress, due to some changes in your family.
  •  Any other form of critter or wildlife entering your home can infect your pet and ultimately make it sick.
    So we advise: A healthy pet means a healthy stress free family!
    So what are you waiting for, get your pet vaccinated today!