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Your pet deserves to look & feel their best!

Grooming should be an important part of your pet’s care. Not only it will make your pet look beautiful but also it will help keep its skin and hair healthy, free of all the dust and sand present in the UAE’s air.

Pets Health is a Dubai-based pet grooming salon and offers a variety of grooming services for dogs and cats.

Dog Grooming Packages

From simple coat wash to more advanced haircut, Pets Health grooming service will assist and help you decide what’s best for your pet and your lifestyle.

Dog Full Grooming
Dog Basic Grooming

Extra Services

Nail clipping
Ear cleaning [with the vet Anal gland]
Medicated Bath
Flea and tick removal

To book a Dog Grooming appointment please call 04 261 5421

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Cat Grooming Packages

Cat Full Grooming
Cat Basic Grooming
Cat with sedation

Extra Services

Nail clipping
Ear cleaning [with the vet Anal gland]
Medicated Bath
Flea and tick removal

To book a Dog Grooming appointment please call 04 261 5421

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Professional Pet Grooming Service in Dubai

Our groomer, Jay, is one of the most experienced groomers in Dubai, having in his loyal customers some VVIP pets. He loves working with animals and your pet’s comfort and safety are his priorities.

Pets Health will offer your pet a custom-made and stress-free pampering session. We use natural product specific to your pet’s individual needs, guaranteeing a fresh smelling, clean and healthy coat. Even the hair cut will be tailored to your pet, depending on its breed, lifestyle and following your wishes.

Benefits of Hiring Grooming Services

Pets Health grooming packages includes bath and brush, hair cut when needed, toenail trim, ear clean, teeth brushing, flea and tick checks and anal glands expression.

  • In a stress-free environment;
  • With the most experienced groomer in Dubai;
  • Adapted to your pet’s individual needs;
  • Keeping your pet’s health and safety in mind every step of the way;
  • And if any abnormalities are noticed, the groomer will let you know, and you may consult with our veterinarian on site.

How Often Pet Grooming Should be Done?

We welcome not only cats and dogs but also rabbits and birds… starting from 100AED (with up to 30% discount available on packages).


While cats are usually very clean animals, spending long hours per day grooming themselves, they still need regular grooming. The frequency of grooming is highly dependent on the hair length, with short hair cats needing only weekly brushing and medium/long hair cats requiring daily brushing at home and visit to the grooming salon every 1-3 months.


Even though the frequency of dog grooming is dependent on the breed, hair length, type of coat and age, it is recommended, in most cases, to groom your dog at least once a month.


Just like cats and dogs, rabbits need regular brushing, especially when shedding every 3 months. Pets Health grooming salon can help you keep your rabbit’s coat nice and clean. We use specific grooming equipment adapted to your rabbit’s fragile skin.


Birds also need regular grooming. Pet birds usually keep their feathers clean, but they tend to develop overgrown nails and beak. Pets Health offers beak trimming for your bird as, if too long, it could affect his/her eating habits, and also nail trimming, keeping in mind not to cut them too short to maintain his/her sturdy grip.

Our Grooming Service for all Pets

We have been providing our grooming services in Dubai for several years. We would glad to welcome you to our pet health grooming center with your pets. To get more knowledge about how and what kind of groomings we do with different breeds of cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds, then read below.

Dog grooming

If you have a pet dog or thinking of having a pet dog, then you must know that its grooming is also important because when it comes to your dog’s physical and mental health, grooming plays a vital role in it. Our dog grooming services include nail trimming, bathing, hair trimming, and healthy activities. The coat trimming can do a lot of things for your dog as it will reduce hair fall, and the coat of your dog starts shining.

Cat Grooming

A scrubbed cat is the happiest animal, and we are here to help you in this regard. We will do everything to groom your cat and everything contains nail trimming, bathing, cutting hair, and entire maintenance. Keep your kitten healthy, clean, and shining all the time. It would be best if you kept in mind that cat needs daily grooming no matter how neat and clean your cat is because regular grooming increases blood circulation and it also gives you cat a glamorous look. Moreover, it is recommended for everyone with kitties to introduce your kitty to grooming from a young age.

Rabbit Grooming

Just like dogs, rabbits also need your time and attention. Just like other animals, it is important to train your rabbits about their grooming at a young age. Regardless of grooming, rabbits need more attention and care because their organs are quite sensitive. The use of equipment and grooming techniques vary for different breeds of rabbits. But we usually use soft-bristled brushes to clean rabbits, and we also clean the ears of rabbits. Moreover, we have invested to get a range of brushes for almost every breed of rabbit. So you can visit pets health freely with your rabbit for its grooming.

Birds Grooming

As compared to other animals, birds do not need much grooming, but still, they need your attention as they are equally beloved creatures. For birds, we offer beak trimming; it is a vital part of grooming as it affects the eating habits of your bird. Moreover, we do all other grooming activities with birds as well, which we do to other animals, but we keep in mind that nails do not cut short because birds might lose their sturdy grip.