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Digital Radiography

Veterinary Digital Radiography

Digital radiology helps in the diagnosis of any possible issues with the cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems of your pet. The procedure does not require any kind of invasive treatment and hence easier and lesser painful for the pets. With the help of Digital Radiography vets are able to identify:

  • Abnormalities
  • Foreign objects
  • Helps identify fractures
  • Dental reasons

Our vets ensure that you are able to find the best possible care for your pet with the digital Radiography. It’s a pain-free procedure that helps ensure that your pet goes through an easy procedure. The results of the Digital Radiography do not take time. The results are visible on the screen and you can easily identify what’s wrong with the animal immediately. The quick result allows early diagnosis and immediate treatments.

Benefits of using vet Digital Radiography

Pets Health makes use of digital radiography as we love pets and it is probably one of the safest methods that can be employed to work with internals and exteriors of the pet. There are numerous reasons we at Pets health use this technology. Some of the key reasons are:

The quality of the image

The images are all high-density images and do not require a lot of deliberate viewing before confirming the diagnosis. The software also allows zooming in and out for the clearer picture. The image can then be printed as and when required.

Cost-efficient procedure

There is no need of getting the films developed separately and this saves costs. Simple printouts can be taken out if necessary.

Very easy to use

Radiography machinery is very easy to use. With simple training, vets can use the radiography machine.

Confirmed results

The results are accurate and there is hardly any need for retests and thus the accuracy helps maintain the quality.

Lesser exposure to radiations.

Exposure to radiation can cause harmful effects to the pet. With the digital radiogrpahy for veterinary purposes, pets are exposed to minimum radiations. Thus they are protected from any kind of harmful effects.